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What is MyPSW

No matter whether you are thinking of getting a Post Study Work visa or already have one, this is the opportunity for you to explore the real working world after graduation from University.

Often regarded as the ‘stepping stone’, now you have two years from getting the visa to work/search for work in the UK legally. If you have found a job which you enjoy and provided that the employer also would like you to continue working, they could even help you to switch to a the ‘skilled worker’ visa (formally known as Tier 2) during the two-year period.

If you are one of the international students as described above, this is a great website for you to get useful information and a range of professional help to achieve your goal. Being one of the leading players in the graduate recruitment market for international students over 12 years, we can equip you with everything needed to land your first dream offer.

However, if you are still studying in University at the moment, or you have obtained PSW visa but ambitious enough to aim for a Skilled Worker visa job offer straightaway (it means within the next 4 months), then we suggest you to have a look at our sister website which targets those high-achievers who strive for a graduate scheme/summer internship job offers in the top tier companies and would like to secure it within a few months’ time.

Note that for the current website and our sister website, registering once in either of the websites makes you automatically registered on the other website.

MyPSW Forum

Here you will find all the latest news and updates on the PSW and the job market for international students. Remember that life is so much better when we share. Together we stand stronger than ever!.

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Professional Services We Provide

PSW Job Hunting Strategy Consultation

This is a one-to-one live session tailored for you and your unique circumstances. The session will take around 20 minutes and be with one of our own experienced and full time dedicated career coaches who have proven track record in successful placing international students in various companies in the UK. The aim of this session is to answer your questions on job hunting and position you on the right track before your job hunting race starts.

Access to Hundreds of CV and Cover Letter Templates

Most of the roles require at least CV and Cover Letter at the screening stage. We have made sure that there are plenty of examples to be inspired from during at the start of your competitive race. Regardless it is a mechanical engineering or legal, journalist or arts, business or finance, management or tech, you will find models and samples to be inspired to create your own.

Bespoke CV and CL Professional Reviewing/Editing Service

Our professional CV and CL writers will review and edit one CV and one CL based on your own background and the specific role you are applying. Combining with all the templates provided, you should be able to draft your own ones with ease from now on! Our normal review turnaround time is two working days from first draft submission through our interactive online platform.

Online Aptitude Tests (OTs)

Medium-sized and above companies tend to use OTs as part of their screening process before an interview invitation is sent out. It can consists of a number of different tests including but limited to Numerical, Verbal, Logical, Personality, Scenario-based Questionnaires. In our packages we have selected a number of Numerical and Verbal tests for you to get familiar with what the actual tests look like. All the tests are timed and come with answers and explanations at the back.

Business English Coaching (Level 1)

For many of us English may not our first language. However to conquer an interview and be able to work in the UK, business English communication is vital. One of the packages we include two one-to-one live sessions (60 minutes/session) to introduce you the key elements of speaking English in a professional working environment. Our training follow a strict curriculum and detailed feedback is provided after each session. If you enjoy the sessions, there is option to top up more. Please log in and see more package details.

Interview Coaching (Level 2)

If you are successful at the screening stage of the recruitment process, next you will be most likely invited for an interview by the company’s HR or department manager. The interview formats are generally face-to-face or telephone and increasingly some companies use video interviews. Our interview coaching at this stage focuses on helping you pass this hurdle with confidence. You will receive live one-to-one coaching sessions from our experienced career mentors who possess years of experience in the market. These training are carefully structured and with plenty of guidance. You will soon realise that you understand yourself and the expectation from the role you are applying a lot more after the sessions. No wonder you will stand out from the crowd!

*Mock question lists are provided in advance as part of the training.

Introducing you to Assessment Centre

Many companies use ‘assessment centre/day’ to eliminate candidates who have already successfully passed the interview stage. This part is often the final stage before an offer is made. Note that not every company uses assessment centre. It is often the medium sized companies and above use it and smaller companies tend to use more interviews instead. In our packages this service is not included automatically but can be added should you require it. At this level we will introduce you all the key elements of a typical assessment centre and exercises to get you familiar with the formats and contents of a real assessment centre. The training will be conducted live through online media or onsite our London office. You generally will training with a few other candidates (generally less than 6) just as a real assessment centre does! Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

PSW Knowhow Centre

We know you are racing against time from the day you have received your visa. So in this section we have summarised all the key sources of information to make your job hunting process more effective. Here you will find useful websites for vacancy search, industry materials for insights, MyPSW videos and tutorials that help you to excel during the recruitment process as an international students.

What makes MyPSW unique

Unique Online Interactive Platform

Our own system of Internactive Online Platform was created back in 2012 and has been continuously evolving since. It is currently the only system on the market which makes it possible to manage your whole job applications and coaching in one central place. The platform under is more comprehensive whereas the one under MyPSW is more simplified.

Proven Track Record

Since early 2009, we have placed thousands of international students in the UK and abroad. Our knowledge and experience in the graduate recruitment market for international students is second to none. Some testimonial videos (shot by previous international candidates) can be seen here.

Great Team

Our team is our greatest asset and without it we cannot achieve what we have achieved so far. Our team members are from all over the world and greatly reflect the audience we are helping with. For all of us this is a lifelong journey and career.


About Us

MyPSW is a brand under Career Interactive™ group companies. The group also exclusively owns and operates and

The group started in early 2009 by Edmond Yu who originally came from mainland China as an international student. From the day the company was set up to this date, the company has a vision and strong belief that the UK society will benefit if the best talents are attracted and kept from all over the world. In return, international students will not just gain practical work experience but also a deeper inter-cultural understanding by working in the UK after completing universities, which has long term positive implications for the generation.

Now the company consists of a team of full time experts in various fields dedicating themselves towards that vision.