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MyPSW Forum is a thriving discussion forum specifically for international students in the UK.

You can read and post messages in any of our forums free of charge. We only ask that you register, which will only take a few seconds. Once you have done this you can join in any existing discussions or start your own and contribute to the ever-growing array of resources and information for international students in the UK.

What is MyPSW Forum

The best support often comes from those who are facing the same challenges as you or who have just managed to overcome them.

No matter whether you are thinking of getting a Post Study Work visa or already have one, this is the place for you to find all the latest news on the PSW Visa, the job market for international students and simply ask for advice on everyday issues and build friendships with other international students in the UK.

MyPSW Forum is built by an international team who understand the challenges faced by International Students integrating into the UK’s society and are aware of the lack of support that many international students often experience.

Our goal is to bring together UK’s international student community and make sure that MyPSW Forums is a place where members can share their experiences, help others and build a valuable network of likeminded individuals.

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Ask questions and get support from other students. Join others who are also getting ready for exams and sharing their results.

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Ask for advice on different industries, companies and job roles. Prepare for your upcoming online test, interviews, or assessment centres.

Build Friendships

Ask for advice on everyday issues and make friends.

Frequently Asked Question

How is the site moderated?

The site is moderated by a dedicated Support Team. It is their role to ensure the site rules (see below) are upheld and to help the community when required.

As well as our Support Team, we also rely and encourage our members to report content that could be deemed inappropriate or which contravenes our site rules - bringing it to the attention of the Support Team.

Overview of site guidelines:

  • No personal attacks or inflammatory behaviour
  • Post in the correct forum and stay on topic
  • No advertising or inappropriate links
  • Post in the English language unless in an area where it is acceptable to do otherwise.
  • Respect the privacy of other users
  • Do not condone or encourage illegal activity

How to register?

Registration is quick and easy. Simply head over to the registration section (here) and follow the instructions. Once you've registered you're free to get involved with the MyPSW community!

Remember that life is so much better when we share.

Together we stand stronger than ever!